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New Additions to the Steaks, Filet Mignon and Marinade Recipe Sections

We have whole bunch of new steak recipes online and many more to come.  New steak marinade recipes are added, Filet Mignon is back in town and who could doubt it, the BBQ recipe section has grown as well.  The secret to the perfect sirloin steak  is an eye opener, and we suggest you have a look at these blade steak ideas

A as you know our seafood section has a lot of new information and recipes added as well.  Lobster is a real treat to you and your guests. First of all like most seafood it's healthy and digests easily, but with good company, wine ... well fill in the blanks to dream about. Try it and make that dream come true.

Holiday Recipes

For Holidays there is our  we have a special place, off course our email special, and find a listing of our Holiday Recipes here.  

Salmon Steak with Lemmon Sauce

Filet Mignon is still high on our list when it comes to great tasting "high-end" meat dishes.

We will disclose the secret to the perfect filet pepper steak.


A recipe that shows the basic, but most important underlying to a "crunchy" bite.

Steak - Filet Mignon - Lobster and Diet Recipes

Heavy meals and an abundance of wines can take its toll on you digestive system.  Light meals and a good walk will have you enjoy the specials even more.  Seafood is nutrient rich easily digested low in calories and cholesterol and the omega 3 oils are great to reduce the mounted cholesterol  levels in your body .

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  • Tuna Fish Salad Ahi tuna steaks are just the right type of dish to serve those steak lovers in your family. Many fancy restaurants have this type of tuna on their menus and you probably have wondered how to prepare this delectable ahi tuna steak at home.

An important part for lasting kitchen success are tools. The right pots, pans, skillets, juices and so on. Kitchenware. is what we mean. We will start with a series of articles and reviews of the highlights on the market today.

New products but not forgetting the grill, bbq, forks and knives and other regulars.

From now on we will put more emphasis on outdoor enjoyment, bbq naturally but also light snacks while you are on the go. Travel and Garden life. Healthy and conscious living is what most of us are after and that will come back in our information.

Barbecue Recipes

A Selection of newly added articles:

Filet Mignon We strive for perfection is what this recipe will tell your guests. And served with the Special Filet Mignon Sauce a little lower on the page, your evening is a winner.

Recipe for Roasted Duck with Pineapple Duck in and of itself is a great meal, but mixed with some sauce or other things like fruits, it becomes a great culinary work when you try a recipe for roasted duck.

A Roasted Duck Recipe the German Way If you’re looking for a recipe that blends the flavorful taste of duck with a holiday type taste you might try going into the recipes of the early Europeans, like this German recipe for roasted duck.

Stay Healthy, Eat Fish and Seafood Fish and Seafood are a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins and other nutrients. Tasteful and healthy.

Risks Involved in Eating Fish, Shellfish and Other Seafood Alarm bells have been raised over the possible dangers of eating Fish and Seafood. Should we worry?

Orange Duck Recipe You might to start with something simple like an Orange Duck Recipe, this is an easy and quick meal for a duck cooking beginner and any person that has every tasted duck in a restaurant or at a dinner party knows this will be an awesome dinner.

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